Ottawa Charitable Dental Clinic Update – December 2013

Posted on December 28, 2013

Extreme Makeover Mission Edition


kid-smile1 kid-smile2 man-smile1 man-smile2

Thanks Milident and Cosmo Dental Labs who provided these new smiles at no charge to our patients!

coffee cupEvidence-Based Medicine

The evidence shows that poverty and homelessness is a risk to health equivalent to the detrimental effects of hypertension, high cholesteral and smoking. If we devote such a significant amount of effort and resources to treating these health factors, shouldn’t we treat poverty like any equivalent health condition?

Of Course!

For information on poverty and health risk intervention and how the Ontario College of Family Physcicians are looking at Primary Care Intervention into Poverty click here.

How Much Will You Get Back?

Giving starts with a passion to support charities and causes, but shouldn’t stop there! Charitable work is key to making our local communities, country and world a better place. That’s why the Canadian governments offer significant tax credits encouraging all Canadians to give generously.

Reduce your tax bill by:

  • Up to 35% of your donations totaling $200 or less
  • Up to 53% of your donations totaling more than $200
  • New to claiming charitable donations? Get an extra 25% back!

Much Appreciated Donations

Katherine Riviere, RDH
analgesics and oral hygiene kits

Susan Lang
(Brookfield Johnson Controls)
protective masks

Dr. Leo Lazare and
Dr. Lisane Paquette
(Associated Endontists)

syringes, forceps, perio scalers, spatulas, amalgam carriers, rubber dam clamps, elevators, retractors, etc, etc.

Year in Review

Here are the Annual stats for 2013

Ottawa Mission Dental Clinic
(providing dental services to the homeless in partnership with The Ottawa Mission,
5 days/week)

# patient visits: 930
$ value of services provided: $255,005
# volunteer hours: 2,469

Portable Ottawa Dental Service (PODS)
(providing dental services in partnership with the Young Single Parent
Support Network of Ottawa,
one day/week)

# patient visits: 164
$ value of services provided: $23,541
# volunteer hours: 207