Ottawa Charitable Dental Clinics Update – August/September 2013

Posted on September 30, 2013

Giving-is-the-best-communication_thumbGiving is the Best Communication

Giving without expecting anything in return is the best form of communication. This powerful (tear jerking) 3 minute video features a small act of kindness that would unexpectingly be returned.

I am sharing this link because a similar touching theme of “givers” receiving a blessing when it is not their motive was recently demonstrated at The Ottawa Mission Dental Clinic.

Last month I recieved a note regarding the settlement of the estate of a former homeless client of The Ottawa Mission.

It read in part…

…for personal reasons, the designation to the Dental Clinic would be very meaningful…

…your work is inspirational and your approach to the service of others reflects the teachings of Jesus…

…you are making positve differences in the lives of others…

…you are also modelling for those who have the means to make a difference your responsibility to do so…

At letter’s end, it directed that an inhertance of $10,000 be directed towards the operation of the dental clinic to help improve the lives of others.

Like me, in reading this I am sure you too feel humbled and touched to be on the receiving end from persons who have been on the street.

gogivers1Let’s Transform from Go-Getters to Go-Givers

I recently read a book called The Go-Giver. It is written in the form of a parable about a young ambitious “go-getter” who is introduced to an older, wiser man, who teaches him about “go-giving” — putting others’ interests first and adding value to their lives.

It’s a quick, easy, heart-warming read, about changing your focus from getting to giving and the unexpected returns you will recieve.

It’s lessons, if applied will help you to be happier and more successful, or reinforce what you are already doing!  Download it here on your Kindle or e-reader!

Get Your Give on! Mission Possible Run

cory midic2

The 3rd annual Mission Possible 5K and Half Marathon Run is being held again this year in support of the programing and services offered at The Ottawa Mission. This chip timed event will be held on Sunday morning Novermber 10th at the Marshes Golf Club in Kanata.

Jody Mitic from CTV’s Amazing Race Canada will be participating in the event. He is a retired member of the Canadian Forces who while on duty in Afghanistan stepped on a land mine and lost both his legs below the knee.  But Mitic did not let the devastating injury stop him. He inspired others by competing on the Amazing Race Canada last season and for recently running the half marathon in the Canadian Army Run with his new prosthetic feet. He will share that experience as well as the adventure of the Amazing Race with those who Register for both the race and brunch this year.

Click here to join us for this event and a chance to win great prizes and bid on silent auction items. Let me know once you register and we’ll fit you up with our special Smile Team jerseys!

Launching PODS Bursary

Established to:

  • Assist young single parents pursuing studies in an area of dental care (i.e.  Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene or Dentistry)
  • Provide $500 in (non-recurring one-time-only ) educational support


  • Students are deemed eligible for the bursary based on having received dental care at the PODS dental clinic provided at either Youville Centre, Bethany Hope or St. Mary’s Home within the previous  three years
  • Demonstrate financial need


  • Students must either apply for or be nominated to the bursary program from within the Young Single Parent Support Network  in order to be considered
  • To include written confirmation of acceptance into an eligible dental program of study from an accredited training institution
  • Enrolled in a full or part-time capacity
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or landed immigrant of Canada
  • Selection is awarded on relative need/merit of eligible candidates


  • Bursary is awarded annually based on donations made through direct donor appeals (click here) and revenue generated from clients ODSP, OW and CINOT claims

Blog Posts We Like

Here are some blogs we’ve been following:

Conferences and E-Learning

Global Mission Health Conference
Louisville, KY
7-9 November 2013

This is an inspiring, resource full event for encouraging and developing local community and international faith-based endeavours.

I must see value in it… this will be my 7th time attending over the last 15 years!

What’s on your reading list?

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More Bean Counting!

Number of patient visits:

  • PODS – Portable Dental Clinic: 245
  • Ottawa Mission Dental Clinic: 6,719

Value of services:

  • PODS – Portable Dental Clinic: $38,463
  • Ottawa Mission Dental Clinic: $1,620,808

Volunteer hours:

  • PODS – Portable Dental Clinic: 327
  • Ottawa Mission Denal Clinic: 16,878